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About Glenn

GlennAndrewSmith is a music recording artist who was raised in Melbourne, Australia. His interest in music was accelerated when his Dad introduced him to guitar lessons at the age of 10. Glenn learnt guitar and practiced singing and his Dad would take him to sing at the local scout group.


During his teen years he became involved in the local scout show, 'Showtime', and also began to play with local bands. Frustrated with small time band politics, he went on to write songs by himself. With limited technical resources he recorded many songs and while raising a family put the whole project on the backburner.


With the family now grown up, Glenn has throw himself back into his music project. Thou still a slow process, two high quality albums have now been produced. While reviving some of his classic songs like "Lonely Man" and "If your not Sure", Glenn has written several new songs "Mystery of my Brother" , "Baby Born" and "Kyumba" drawn from many life experiences.


The "Thinking Tree" is a collection of powerful stories told in song, uncommon in this age of dance music. The signature song "Lonely Man" will no doubt be Glenn's legacy song for all to remember.


"Kyumba -That's Life!" is the most recent release perhaps with a slightly darker feel to it. This album also includes two songs from other writers, "Cry myself to Sleep" and "Calling" along with a cover of a Robert Palmer song, "What's it Take".



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