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The Mystery of my Brother

In October 2015 my younger brother was lost at Sea off the coast near Wonthaggi, Victoria, Australia. He set out to sea in his twin engine diesel 30ft cruiser from Newhaven on a Thursday afternoon. He did not advise anyone where he was going. On the following Saturday morning his boat was found crashed ashore and he was not on-board or anywhere near. A massive search was quickly put together. Our family waited and waited for news right through till Sunday night. Hope gradually faded and our imaginations became lost in a wilderness of despair. Nick was never found.

This tragedy inspired me to write a song about the events on the day and I played a rough version of it at the Memorial service six weeks later. I have now recorded it and produced a music shot around the area where this tragedy occurred.

You can watch it on YouTube at Please feel free to share it.

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